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Polycystic ovary syndrome Or Disease Treatment

PCOD or PCOS is most commonly in women hormonal imbalance problem. It can cause problem with your  periods make it difficult to pregnancy. In which the hormones like estrogens and  progesterone imbalance, this leads to ovarian  cyst. PCOD due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors.PCOD is most endocrine disorder among  women between the ages of 18 to 45. Most of the  symptoms   of PCOD s are caused by higher than normal levels of certain hormones called androgens. PCOD  is decreased in female sex hormones, this  condition may cause to male characteristics
Women with PCOD have other health is issues are faced. these are diabetes, high cholesterol level ,blood pressure etc..there are linked to  weight gain in PCOD patients.

Symptoms of PCOD:
·        Menstrual problems
·        Hair loss
·         Hirsutism (Hair growth on face , thumbs, stomach, chest)
·        Fertility problems
·        Diabetes
·        Depression mood
·         Obesity
·        Pelvic pain
·        High blood pressure
·        High cholesterol
·        Ance pimple, and blemishes


Causes of PCOD :
·        Stress and strain
·        Anxiety
·        Depression
·        Modern change life style
·        Irritability

Risk factors of PCOD:
·        Uterine cancer
·        Diabetes
·        Heart attack
·        Sleep apnea
·        Liver diseases
·        Infertility


The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables to loss weight and control Poly cystic ovary syndrome naturally.Green leafy  vegetables are eat, these are rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamins  K,B,C.
Vitamin B play a main role in maintaining symptoms of PCOD. Fruits are rich source of fiber , vitamins, minerals as part of PCOD. Drink plenty of water.

Eatable vegetables broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes,ridge gourd, bitter gourd, cucumber, radish, bottle gourd,lady’fingers, beans, clusterbeans, mushrooms (Sithaki), nuts, cereals, peas, maize, dates, almonds, oats and all green leafy vegetables , Sesame seeds  Fresh fish are eat.

Avoid :  masala foods, spicy foods, Potatoes, fried foods, salty foods, pre-packed foods, pickles, cheese, burgers, red meat, coffee should be avoided.
Note: use flax seed powder is used in curries

Tips to control PCOD
·        Take fresh fruits and fresh vegetables
·        Avoid milk and milk products
·        Regular exercises and yoga
·        Drink plenty of water
·        Avoid pre-packed foods
·        Avoid coffee and alcohol

 Why should we go to Nadipathy?
           Many of the treatments are available to cure PCOD. But they are giving unnecessary medicines to internal body, that given temporary relief to problem.  It will need much time as months (or) years. 
         Nadipathy treated many of PCOD patients without using any medicines. 

We diagnose the problem through:
NADI DIAGNOSE:          
NADI can be measured in the superficial, middle, and deep levels thus obtaining more information regarding energy imbalance of the patient. When the body becomes weak due to any sudden incident or due to food habits or due to changes in the nature. If any one of the Nadi not working properly it multiplies gradually (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ...) .decreases its energy .That reflects gradually in the subtle body and it change as disease on the Physical body. Modern Doctors can recognize diseases only at this stage.
            Our body is making up with 72,000 Nadi’s, all the Nadi’s are inter-linked to every organ function. If there is any blockage to such Nadi, it does not work properly. So those organs get lack of energy to function normally. Before to the treatment, Nadipathy treats on the root cause of particular Nadi blockage through Nadi diagnosis.

Treatment method:  
         By using Acupuncture, Acupressure, Marma therapy, Vedic therapy, Magnet therapy, Seed therapy, Massage therapy, Cupping therapy, Detoxification therapy, Naturopathy, Beach sand therapy, and some other natural therapies to remove the waste materials & excess heat present inside the body. We treat the spinal cord function as normal with 0% side effects. The duration of the treatment was 1 day – to 1 week.

Nadipathy treatment will tell you what the healthy lifestyles are for cervical spondylosis patients and what kind of life habits should be avoided. Which kind of patients should do some mild exercises and under what circumstances should patients have good rest and totally avoid exercises.
           Nadipathy  can not only be used to treated the problem, it can also be used by those that are at high risk of developing chronic problems and healthy people to help prevent other diseases and help strengthen the patient’s physical fitness and make them live more healthier life.
          If Nadipathy treatment is received early, it can help prevent the patient’s disease, so as to help avoid entering into surgeries.

Yoga for PCOD

Yoga can regulate the hormonal balance of endocrine glands in the body. Yoga is effectively posses the ovary and uterus Is healthy and solve the PCOD issues.

                         Surya Namaskar

Nadishodana pranayama



              Bhamari pranayama







 Nadipathy Treatments 

Acupuncture  :
Needles are inserted into patient body of specific points to stimulates, dispers and regulate the flow of vital energy ,and restore a healthy energy balance. In PCOD patients acupuncture treatment is  stimulation process of hormones like luteinising hormone (LH), Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). 
Physical pressure is applied to acupressure points with the aim of  clearing blockages of with these meridians. Acupressure stimulates the specific body points with the purpose of healthy fertility focus on organs like urinary bladder, kidney, liver, spleen, ovaries, fallopian tube. These organs play a role in reproductive health.

Marma Therapy
 Eliminating the obstruction in places and subtle channels in the body and allowing free flow of vital energies is the main rule of marma therapy. energy  centers of inner pathway healing of whole being  working on the physical , mental, emotional and spiritual level. marma therapy is completely rejuvenation of whole body.

 Cupping Therapy
 The application of suction to the body. There is number of varieties in cupping therapy. We at nadipathy use  cupping therapy mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing.

·       Regulating the female hormonal system
·       Improving the function of ovaries and produce healthy eggs
·       Relaxation of helping stress
·       Produced healthy embryos
·       Increase immune system
·       Decreases the miscarriage
Seed Therapy:
 Seed therapy is regular and widely used in Nadipathy  center. It creates efficiency in the body, it balance the blood circulation among the nerves of the body and increases the immunity power of the body.
 Black pepper seeds are used to the PCOD treatment, peppers are activates the pituary gland and stimulates the hormones.
Detoxification Method :

 Fasting is also one of the detoxification method.
A technique used to cleanse the body of
chemicals, pollutants and other toxins to improve
overall health.
Conditions such as asthma, cancer, chronic
fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity,
and many others are strongly influenced by
exposure to toxic or allergenic substances in the
Industrial pollutants like lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, are by-products of industry. Synthetic
agriculture chemicals, many of which are known to cause health problems, are also found in food, air,
and water. Detoxification method cures the PCOD problems.

Beach Sand Therapy:

beach sand consists of high level of various minerals like magnesium, iodine . which may helps to fight  infections and potentially helps the body and detoxify.

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